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Dumpsters of America provides roll off and commercial dumpsters for contractors, businesses, and homeowners  

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Roll Off Dumpsters for House hold Debris

Nearly 50% of our customers who rent our dumpsters are homeowners seeking to clean out their homes, take on landscaping projects or remodel an existing room, kitchen or bathroom.  We provide 4 different roll off dumpster sizes to ensure you have the tools you need to complete your project.   We take almost all household items.  Some items usually not allowed in landfills are hazardous and flammable items.   

Roll Off Dumpsters for Roofing Jobs

Dumpsters of America provides 10 , 20 and sometimes 30 cubic yard roll off dumpsters for asphalt shingles and other roofing debris.  Roofing shingles collected from job sites are recycled to the extent possible.   

Roll Off Dumpsters for Demolition Jobs 

We realize that demolition jobs on homes are often extremely fast paced.  Therefore most contractors seeking dumpster services for such jobs are looking to have a large roll off dumpster hauled several times per day until the debris is 100% gone. When working with you on your demolition job, we will assign one specific driver to your job for as long as necessary to get the job done.  This will ensure that your dumpsters are swapped quickly and conveniently to ensure your job proceeds as planned.

Roll Off Dumpsters for Construction Jobs 

Dumpsters of America works with reputable construction companies nationwide on both small, and large scale construction jobs.  We realize the importance of quality roll off dumpster services to a project manager or a job superintendant which is why we strive to ensure the disposal of the waste generated from your site is not an issue.  We offer 10 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard dumpsters for construction jobs where services are available.  We guarantee swap outs and exchanges within 24 hours and will work with your project manager to ensure your complete satisfaction.   

Roll off Dumpsters for Concrete / Asphalt or Dirt 

Dumpsters of America offers 10 , 12 and in some cases 15 cubic yard roll off dumpsters for heavy construction debris such as Concrete / Asphalt or Dirt.  When renting a dumpster for such use, it is important to ensure such items are kept separate from other types of garbage to minimize your costs.  Please contact us at 800-877-4285 for more details. 
All of our Temporary residential roll off dumpsters are processed in a prepaid manner. Customers seeking such services are encouraged to visit our home page, enter their zip code, select the appropriate dumpster for their needs and checkout using our secure site.  An important tip when renting a temporary residential roll off dumpster is to ensure that you select the right dumpster size for your needs. Many customers select a dumpster that is too large which results in paying for services that were not necessary. On the other hand, renting a dumpster that is too small could lead to the need for additional hauls whereas a slightly larger dumpster with a single haul would have been less expensive. Please pay close attention to the dimensions of our dumpsters and their capacities. For your convenience, has translated roll off dumpster capacities to pickup truck loads enabling you to estimate your needs accordingly. 

Permanent Commercial Services for residents and businesses offers permanent scheduled dumpster services for business owners. Unlike temporary dumpster services that are provided on a per haul basis, permanent dumpster services are scheduled dumpster services provided anywhere from once every other week up to six times per week. A permanent commercial dumpster is what you would typically see behind a gas station, shopping mall, apartment complex or any other business that constantly has waste disposal needs. provides permanent dumpster services with dumpsters ranging from a 2 cubic yard dumpster to an 8 cubic yard dumpster. Each cubic yard holds roughly (15) fifteen standard 13-gallon kitchen sized trash bags. Permanent dumpster services are ideal for business owners of all types who have a weekly or bi-monthly waste disposal need. Such dumpster services are provided per the frequency schedule of the customer and are billed on a monthly basis. offers permanent dumpster services for both general waste and recyclables. encourages increased recycling as it is both environmentally friendly and less expensive for the customer.