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Minimize Disposal Costs on Construction Jobs

Being in the dumpster rental business means speaking with contractors, roofers, project managers and other construction professionals on a daily basis.  These folks almost always have the same things in common.  They are looking for reliable roll off dumpster rental services at the most reasonable price.   
Oftentimes however, getting the best possible deal means knowing what type of waste to throw in which dumpsters.  The “Green” movement has led to higher demands of source separation to increase recycling.  However, separating certain waste will not only be Green for the environment but also save you the "Green" that directly hits your bottom line.  When ordering a roll off dumpster for a construction site it is important to keep a few things in mind: 
Separate Concrete, Dirt, and Asphalt from other construction debris

When such items are separated from other debris and placed in a dumpster it enables the hauler to dispose of them at a site other than a landfill.  This is important because by doing so the hauler avoids paying landfill rates potentially as high as $100 per ton.  Considering that a cubic yard of concrete or dirt can weigh over 1 ton the savings can add up incredibly fast.  Almost all haulers have recycling or non-traditional outlets for concrete, dirt and asphalt, which does not require them to take it to a landfill. Be sure to ask for dumpsters for only such items and never pay a tonnage rate when disposing of such items in any roll off dumpster.   
Understand the value of debris that is worthy of a rebate
Certain construction debris such as metals, cardboard, etc. carry a market value. When disposing of large quantities of such items in a roll off dumpster be sure to ask for a rebate.  Many times the hauler will require you to source separate such items in a separate roll off dumpster which should not be a problem if you are generating enough of it.  The market value of such items does fluctuate.  Needless to say any rebate is better than no rebate and paying for landfill fees. 
Please give us a call at 800-877-4285, if you have specific questions about this article or how you may better manager you garbage while managing your bottom line.  Our trusted representative will be happy to find the best solutions that meet your needs. We hope this article was both informative and educational and we hope to have the opportunity to serve you in the future.